Edinburgh Marine Archaeology

Edinburgh Marine Archaeology (EMA) serves as a focus for marine archaeological teaching and research at the University of Edinburgh.

Our research focuses on demonstrating the role of marine heritage in the sustainable development of coastal areas and the ocean.

Fieldwork is challenge-led and examines the social, economic and cultural value of marine heritage to coastal communities, industry, national agencies and government. We are committed to developing links between industry and academia to promote awareness about the utility of marine heritage in informing responses to global challenges.

EMA is currently involved in a range of projects, both freshwater and maritime, examining the role of marine heritage in tourism, coastal development and infrastructure projects, development aid policy, climate change mitigation, the blue economy and building resilience in at-risk communities. EMA is also active in public engagement and, in particular, the development of innovative digital techniques in the survey and presentation of underwater sites.


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Marine cultural heritage provides the link between people and the sea. Without it, we cannot create a sustainable ocean. 

Georgia Holly – University of Edinburgh